Accelerating Transformation

through Business Globally

Mobilizing & Leading

GlobalWorks mobilizes & leads Kingdom-minded people called to the marketplace connecting them to a meaningful investment of their time, expertise and resources
in a way that
adds value for people with a similar mindset & calling around the world who are striving to start, operate or extend transformative enterprises in the hardest to reach places where there is no church
so that
the gospel is made accessible, there is increased economic self-sufficiency of individuals, local churches & national fellowships.

Business for Transformation

Visionary business leaders who go, invest, and establish a profitable business in another culture; creating jobs, bringing economic uplift and value to the community.

GlobalWorks invites people like you to strengthen the social fabric of the community, working together for kingdom impact.

Small Business Development

Business leaders who get involved in economic development, helping people create a business by providing financial impetus to get things started, or offering the training to become economically productive.

At GlobalWorks, we believe working with indigenous entrepreneurs to foster economic uplift means we say in a real, practical way, “You can do this!” As a businessperson you offer your experience and share what you believe is necessary for sustainable enterprise development.

Global Professionals

Global career professionals earn income from their employer, creating a platform to engage in meaningful relationships with others.

GlobalWorks comes alongside professionals interested in working globally through cross-cultural opportunities. Connects cross-cultural workers and professionals who are interested in working and having an impact in another country.

Marketplace Ministries

Many business entrepreneurs and marketplace professionals seek ways to live out their faith in the workplace. They may network together to have a positive influence in the community. 

GlobalWorks recognizes that effective influencers invest significant time and resources into the lives of others. We introduce business professionals to opportunities that extend the transformative work of Christ to the global marketplace.

Engaging Inspired Business Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Owners

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