Engaging Inspired Business Entrepreneurs, Professionals & Owners

CO-19 Assistance

Make a difference internationally in this COVID-19 season, and ensure your donation is put to Work Sustainably.

Many countries around the world are not privileged to have government safety-nets to fall back on in times of crisis. We have been in contact with our various business relationships doing Business for Transformation (B4T) around the world to identify the Immediate Needs Locally.


Business for Transformation

Visionary business leaders who go, invest & establish businesses in another culture by Creating Jobs, Economic Uplift & Serving the Community.

GlobalWorks partners with people like you to strengthen the social & spiritual fabric of the community through Economic Empowerment.

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Business Coaching

GlobalWorks recognizes that a great investment of time and resources are needed to be an effective influencer.

We need Business Professionals, Owners & Entrepreneurs to mentor others globally and extend the transforming work of Christ to people in the marketplace.

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Global Professionals

GlobalWorks partners with professionals who are interested in applying their skills in an international, cross-cultural workplace.

Global career professionals earn income from their employer, creating a platform to engage in meaningful relationships with likeminded.

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Small Business Development

GlobalWorks needs more Canadian business leaders who are interested and willing to help small to medium-sized business owners in other countries enhance & grow transformational businesses.

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Business Advisory Trips

Visits by Christian business people for onsite advice, training and development and personal encouragement to like-minded SME business owners globally.

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